Comments from some of Dieter's Fans and Critics

"Your work is truly outstanding."-Bill Seton, Florida

"A mathematician who can draw incredibly well."-Marie Pisano, Accountant, Orlando, Florida

"Your compositions transcend the expectations of great art academies into marvelous diversions of true art form. I am humbled by the sheer mastery of your magnificent style"-Pierre Fouchee, Professional Artist, Paris, France

"I was so moved and impressed upon viewing your exhibit that I gathered as many friends as I could and returned with them to view it again."-Bob Canton, Tennessee

"Your skills are quite remarkable, but you need to loosen up and explore the way of abstraction."-William Helmuth, former art professor, Kentucky

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!"-Jeanne Farrar, Florida

"It's great to be friends with a true artist. The intellectual diversions of his discourse are phenomenal." Fred Tattersall, CPA, Orlando, Florida

"I didn't know you could achieve such excellent quality with color pencil."-Shirley Baines, Georgia

"Wonderful use of color. Very skillful execution."-Tom Branaugh, California

"Truly a master of the physical realm."-Steve Windham, Florida

"Great demonstrative skills, but your subjects seem aloof to your central composition."-Greg Ashton, Professor of Art, Kentucky

"The newspaper said you were a math wiz, so if I could draw half as good as you, I'd be a hundred times better than I think I am." -Tom Sorentino, Art Student, Florida

"An excellent pilot, a great artist."-Brigadier General Patterson, Commander, 6th Air Combat Cavalry Brigade, U.S. Army, former senior commanding officer

"Your work will achieve fame, slowly, but surely and through the underground."-Paul Gatling, Professional Artist and Professor of Art, Michigan

"Your works will brand you an illustrator, but that was Norman Rockwell's brand as well."-Sean Gorman, Ph.D, MFA, Professor of Art, Texas

"Brilliant, masterful. You're truly a genius."-Sharon Tawny, MFA

"Your aviation art is absolutely awesome. Only a pilot could achieve such stunning reality."-Lt. George Sloan, U.S. Navy Pilot

"I didn't give him an award because his work is far too elite and advanced for this festival. Perhaps he doesn't realize this."-John Schultz, Professor of Art

"I hope that I outlive you because, now that I own one of your works, I'll surely get rich."-James Brady, Kentucky

"The variety, quality and detail in your work is stunning."-Lori Stevenson, DFA

"He will be very successful, but not just in art."-Cal Saunders, former high school art teacher

"Everywhere I go, I see your posters hanging on a wall."-unknown

"'Dieter', 'Dieter', 'Dieter', all over the newspapers every darn week. What, do you own the papers?-Dr. Staher, former finance professor

"Your color pencil works are warmer and more colorful than your early oil paintings. You are definitely growing."-Dr. Ken Byerly, Florida

"I love your art. It's vibrant, stunning and explosive."-Gail Yemington, Opera Singer and Theater Producer

"If there was a better word than magnificent, I would use it to describe your art."-Carol Masterson, West Virginia

"When I would fly with Dieter on training missions, I was amazed how all he would talk about was the beautiful panorama of scenery you could see up there. No wonder he's such a great artist."-Charley Miller, Maj. U.S. Army, former commanding officer

"Your feelings show in your work. The mark of a true artist."-Father Ed Moran

"Bull-headed, sensitive and brilliant."-Dr. George Gant, Mayor of Kissimmee, Fl.

"I feel like I can walk right into your artwork."-Nancy McCormick

"Man ... I thought you were an accountant?"-Peter Cage

"His work is so spiritual-he's a true prophet in modern times."- Sarah Cromwell, Toronto, Canada

"What's so remarkable about your art is that it grabs you hard, pulls you right in and then just keeps you there." - Don Murphy, Wappingers Falls, NY

"Wow, absolutely stunning with amazing clarity and depth. It's like looking out my window."-Patty Machado, Kissimmee, Fl

"I've seen and admired a lot of art, but yours has a certain spiritual authority about it. Your art speaks volumes."-Carol Mukherjee, Kissimmee, Fl

"Your digital art is unlike anything I've ever seen. It not only rivals photography, but also transcends known realities into dimensions that truly stimulate the senses."-Jimmy Atwood, JD, Orlando, Fl

"I thought that I was pretty good with Bryce and Maya until I saw your art. Truly amazing!-Tom Gordon, London, England

"Your work is positively brilliant and remarkably imaginative"-Chen Li, Bejing China

"Although your subjects often appear apart or detached from your central composition, somehow my eyes are always drawn to center. This is cleary a function of your expert arrangement of color, light and geometry. You are a true genious."-Larry Geller, Professor of Art and Graphics, retired