About Dieter Carlton

by Steve Windham

When asked to prepare a biographical sketch on Dieter Carlton, I was pleased and honored to have the opportunity to introduce this man to the world. I first met Dieter in 1985. He was a hospital administrator, and I was Executive Director of the Florida Dieter CarltonDistrict VII Health Council, assisting area hospitals with research statistics and public health data. Dieter was very persistent, calling on me many times to discuss prevailing healthcare issues and demographics; hence, we came to know each other quite well. It was not until almost 10 years later in 1995 that I was privileged to hire Dieter as my corporate Chief Financial Officer. His sharp-minded, financial negotiation skills and innovative ideas grew the company to virtually six times its current operating capacity. Here is a man whom I had always known as an accomplished health care executive. When I discovered through a media publication that he was also a well-known artist, I was awe-stricken, given my impression of him as more a scientist than someone with exceptional creative talents.

It's a small wonder that German-born artist Dieter Carlton has been referred to as a modern "Renaissance Man", a distinction attributable to his broad diversity of skills and professional achievements. Dieter is not only an accomplished artist and photographer, but also an acknowledged mathematician, managerial accountant and finance professional, computer software and systems engineer, licensed commercial helicopter and fixed-wing pilot and former instructor pilot, educator, real estate professional, and too many more to mention. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and journalism and graduate and post-graduate, advanced degrees in business administration and also, econometrics, a highly esoteric form of economics and statistical analyses. In my estimation, Dieter is a true master of the physical realm with an ever-expanding view of the spiritual dimensions.

Although art has never been his chosen profession, it has consumed a major portion of Dieter’s remarkable life. In fact, he has displayed his works in over 100 venues throughout the Southeastern and Midwestern United States and has won dozens of top awards. Dieter has also won top national honors for his editorial and comic strip cartoons and international awards for his digital and traditional art. He has served as judge and juror for dozens of top-rated art festivals and his works have appeared in many popular artist publications. Dieter also lectures in art, particularly on the structure and science of this highly regarded profession.

As the images in this website demonstrate, Dieter’s works depict very colorful and highly dramatic subjects of great variety and interest. He is particularly masterful in the use of color and light; and, the depth, detail and contrast in his works combine to form a popular and highly recognizable trademark. Dieter can create any subject and, for many years, consumed his free time with portrait and commercial art; however, his favorite subject is nature. In fact, most of Dieter’s works reflect this passion through his harmonious, dramatic and breathtaking landscapes. Although Dieter works in oils, acrylics, watercolor and color pencil, he prefers digital art, a medium in which he is an acknowledged master among visual artists. In digital art, Dieter is considered among the best in the world and is an expert in virtually all of the major digital design platforms, including Bryce, Maya, Poser, DAZ Studio, Carrara and Adobe Photoshop.

Dieter is a popular and very successful, professional artist; however, he does not create his works to sell them for a profit. Instead, he contributes the net proceeds from the sale of his art to various charities. In fact, he has raised thousands of dollars through his charitable poster art as well as through his contributions of volunteer work in organizations such as the Rotary Club and various art centers.

Dieter's professional career is also worthy of note. In addition to having served as a commissioned officer and helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, Dieter's civilian career has been consumed in virtually every corporate, key management position, including human resources director, chief financial officer, chief operations officer and chief executive officer. He now owns and runs a successful professional consulting firm.